Saturday, February 13, 2010

Here is our little tribute to the Olympics.

Can it be a week since I last posted? I have been busy, and I didn't write because I had no pictures to show. I worked off and on all week to put the finishing touches on a postcard for a swap. It went in the mail today, but I don't think I can picture it here. I will be posting it on the Cloth Paper Scissors(they're hosting the swap) site soon, though.
I spent the afternoon walking to Chickadee Junction with my friend; it was just too nice a day to stay inside, and she is leaving in a week for a trip south. As a result, no new sewing to show, but here is a picture of the place that has been so named by the locals.There is a little cabin there too where bird seed is stored and someone always replenishes the feeders. It's amazing how little snow we have this year. I was told by a former teacher on one of my trips this year that my son helped to make these feeders when he was in shop class in middle school. He is 23 now.
The next picture is of two pieces of pottery made by a friend. The little garlic pot which I picked up today was in trade for a quilted piece that she chose from me. If you'd like to see more of her pottery check out her Etsy shop:

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Exuberant Color said...

Thaks for the link. She has some really nice pieces of pottery.