Sunday, February 21, 2010

As people with Addison's must do regularly, I am resting this weekend as well as packing for our March break ski trip to Stoneham, Quebec. We have rented a studio apartment right on the mountain, and we will take all of our meals with us. Yesterday, I packed a cooler of frozen dinners which I'll leave in the freezer. This morning I made some hearty muffins and a leek and potatoe soup to take as well.
I wonder if I'll ever learn that I must always carry a camera! I needed milk earlier, and I decided to walk to the store. Once outside, I headed off on my usual route, but then I detoured into the woods trail that I love. It is a wet kind of dreary day here, but mild. A light snow was falling and there were water droplets hanging from all the small tree branches. They were sparkling despite the lack of sunshine, resembling tiny fairy lights. This kind of beauty really brings me peace. I slowly and mindfully continued to the store. When I got home, I grabbed the camera and drove back to the trail because I just had to try to get some pictures. The droplets were still there sparkling, and I took several pictures. I was not able to capture the real beauty of the moment, since I'm not the best photographer--is it me or the camera?--but you can get the idea. Well, you can see the droplets, but not the ones in the distance.
The last thing I've done this week end was to finish up a pair of socks, again while watching the Olympics. I'm still hoping to take some time to get to the sewing machine later today to finish a samll quilt. We shall see. For now here are the socks. They're done with Wisdom Yarns, Poems Sock.

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imquilternity said...

Beautiful and cheerful socks!! Your walk sounds lovely and very peaceful. I love finding little treasures from nature...thanks for sharing yours!