Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Watercolour, coloured pencil, gestural sketch

I won't be doing any sewing here at home for the next couple of weeks. I'm leaving Friday, back next Tuesday, and then I must pack for retreat.
Tonight, I'm going to our guild pizza night where we have supper and then have a sewing night making quilts for charity.
I've been sorting and getting ready for packing, but took some time to do a sketch loosely based on my little hike yesterday. At first glance the colors In the photo seemed quite grey/brown/green. On closer observation one can find some really pretty soft mauves, pinks, and oranges.

When I see the sketch up on the screen, I always see some things I would change. This would be fun done in fiber.
I've got to get to work now cutting a bit of fabric for tonight. I'm connecting to The Needle and Thread Network.


Mereknits said...

I think it should be framed, it is beautiful.

Linda said...

Very nice!

Eileen said...

A wonderful range of colours. Sweet sketch that I could totally imagine you doing in textile.

Eileen said...

Holly is there anywhere I can see some of your work displayed in NB?