Sunday, October 26, 2014

Confetti leaves and birch trees

Yesterday, was a misty, damp, sometimes rainy day, a good day to make seafood chowder and visit an annual craft show.  I made a few small purchases. I've been looking for a rug to fit the small square space at my back door and I found one from a weaver.

I picked up a few special cards from a scrapbooking friend.

There was one other small purchase which must remain secret! Christmas is coming.

Today, my husband and I tackled a small furniture move and some cleaning downstairs. He also managed to part with some things that went out to the recycling. He joked that one of the papers had 1975 on it! I replied that maybe next time we'd make it to the 90's! I have no problem getting rid of my papers and books.

After lunch, I spent some time in my studio playing with my confetti leaves and trying out different arrangements of birch trees.

These are the leaves sandwiched and stitched between the pieces of Saran Wrap.

The next step was to sandwich it between pieces of newspaper and iron it, thus melting the plastic away.

I tried several versions and this is where it's at for now.


Nothing is ironed or stitched down yet, so it's likely I'll move something again. To come are larger leaves in the forefront and red rose hips. Once the birches are stitched in place, I will add the black marks and shading on the trees.

I enjoy working through a piece a little at a time. If I hit a snag, I leave and come back to it. Sometimes just viewing it anew on the computer screen helps to solve a problem.

I hope you're having a relaxing, creative Sunday!


Mereknits said...

That piece is just amazing, almost breath taking. I think you might be one of the most talented people I know.

What Comes Next? said...

Great piece!

Eileen said...

How interesting Holly. What are confetti leaves? Does the Saran wrap stay in the piece?

Anonymous said...

very cool technique...I have never heard of this before.