Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Thanksgiving weekend on PEI

Here I am back home again after a lovely weekend visiting with family on Prince Edward Island. I stayed with my daughter who is doing her B Ed at UPEI, but most of my family live there too, so I was able to spend time with them.

My sister has opened a cafe in a sweet little picturesque village called Mount Stewart and this is where we held our Thanksgiving dinner.

It used to be an old service station but is now quite cozy inside.

Just down the road is the Hillsborough River which the Trans Canada Trail crosses.

On my way out to the cafe I passed a couple of pumpkin farms and couldn't resist stopping for some photos. I've never actually seen so many pumpkins growing in the fields.

All over the front yard of the farm were these lovely little vignettes where people would go and have their pictures taken.

By the time I drove home mid afternoon, there were swarms of people. Also, something that we take for granted here is the method of payment.  I bought some decorative gourds, a pale green pumpkin and 2 squash, leaving the appropriate amount of cash in a locked box. I'm told that is quite unique to the Maritimes but I'm sure there are other rural placesthatcwould do it.

Today, I'm recovering from my trip. I've gotten myself unpacked and started washing clothes and organizing for my quilting retreat which starts on Friday morning for the weekend.

Ever since getting out onto  the trails last week, I've been thinking about a piece of fall fiber art featuring the rosehips. My head is always filled with ideas, some never making it to paper or fiber. At the end of my afternoon, I just had to pick up my pencils, paint and oil pastels to do a very sloppy sketch of what I have in mind.

I won't be working on this at retreat. It's too complicated to pack all the little bits I might need for a fiber art piece, but I'll be musing about it while I sew my quilts.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great pics

Kate said...

I enjoyed your trip to PEI. The pictures are lovely.

Eileen said...

We were only in St. John. I do see we were on PEI at the same time on Thanksgiving. Your rose hip sketch has inspired me and I will be working from my photos of them in my studio. I have never seen such big rose hips ever. They must make nice winter arrangements.

Mereknits said...

It looks like you had a wonderful visit. Your sisters cafe is wonderful. I think a fiber project would be perfect with those flowers in it.

Chris Forster said...

If that is "sloppy"
I wonder what "really good" would look like.
You amaze me!!