Friday, October 10, 2014

A little autumn walk and a colored pencil/watercolor

I was able to take a short amble with my poles today along a short section of the trail. It was a lovely day and I wanted to get out before my trip in the morning. I'm optimistic that  the cortisone shot that I gto into the hip joint under xray at the hospital yesterday is going to help.
I found this little maple tree near the end of the trail. It was so beautiful that I went back with the car (I couldn't walk any further) and the camera.
The leaves were glowing in the dappled sunlight.
Then I came home and made myself a chai tea, laced with honey and cinnamon accompanied by my favorite rice crackers with cheese spread and tomato. These are the last form my garden and oh so tasty.

As usual, I didn't come home with empty pockets.

Just enough time to sketch before supper.
To my Canadian, readers, Happy Thanksgiving!

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Mereknits said...

It sounds like a perfect day.