Monday, May 28, 2012

time to smell the flowers

Sometimes the most miserable of nights can turn into the best of days.  I had a pounding high blood pressure headache again last night that I suffered with until I finally took a half of my blood pressure medication. After consulting with the pharmacist this morning, I'm going to adjust my medication so it should be better at night.
Since I didn't officially retire, but rather I left due to illness, I have this feeling that I need to account for every minute of my day. After a night like last night I gave myself permission to relax today and it has been quite a lovely day once I got myself awake. I met 2 friends for tea, did one quick errand and came home.
I already decided  that this week I would devote to finishing up some things because I'm taking my art to Chal Baie, our local craft shop on Friday. The first thing I did was to finish the little tiny bit (it took about 10 minutes but was sitting for months) of machine quilting in this baby quilt. Finally, done!
 Then I added elastic to a pair of pants that were too loose.
After lunch I tried a new recipe for rhubarb chutney which I will have for supper with lentil loaf.
I got my sheets in off the line; I will have a fresh bed to-night.
I've been walking around the yard taking photos of the latest blooms. The apple tree was in full bloom last week.
Today the lilac is at it's best.
They are just outside my studio window. If I could smell, I'm sure it would be wonderful!
The next thing on my agenda for the week will be to finish putting together a  quilt which I am doing as a gift, so I cannot picture it. Sorry, it won't be a very artful week for blogging!
I'm off to make a cup of tea.


elle said...

Yes, Holly. Do smell the flowers. Yours are way ahead of ours.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

I like the color of your lilacs, very delicate looking. I only have the small variety and they aren't pretty but very fragrant.

imquilternity said...

It does sound like a lovely day! Your quit is so colorful and pretty! Aren't you glad it's finished...such a nice feeling. I can't smell either, but the lilacs look wonderful!

kaiteM said...

Thankyou for the smell of lilac today, i can smell it from here in Bathurst Aus. It takes me back to my childhood in Tasmania.