Thursday, May 10, 2012

more fun with stencils

I couldn't wait to get back to the stencils and the discharge paste this morning but unfortunately today's results were less spectacular than Tuesday's. I got the second stencil cut last night and I did fix up the little piece I missed on the first one. Also, I fixed all the little bits that were missing on Tuesday's pieces, so that's good at least.
I had a go with the second stencil but the results are hard to see. Yesterday I was afraid I may have ironed too much before rinsing out the fabric but those ones were good. When I rinsed the ones I stenciled today, the results were rather ghostly as you can see below.
I'm going to try again another day and see if the ironing time was the problem.
 I also wanted to try the stencils with some printing on the Gelli. I'm pretty happy with the results although the color is not showing perfect here. I hope the fold mark will eventually iron out.

The green one was even less color accurate. I always have a hard time to get greens to photograph right. They end up looking too brown.
Wanting to get as much use from the stencils as I can, last night I tried my hand at carving a stamp for the first time. I use lots of stamps in my work, but I've always used craft foam which I cut and mount onto Plexiglass. I tried it out with paint to see what parts I need to clean up. Luckily, it doesn't have to be perfect since I'll be stamping on fabric and then stitching over it.
I am itching to do more printing and to get to my sewing machine, but my body is telling me to take a break, and so I will go make some tea and stretch out with a book.


Anonymous said...

I'm really enjoying watching your experiments :).
Stay inspired!

pembrokeshire lass said...

I'm no authority but I really like your work. I like the tuquoise one the bast but they are all lovely! It's great 'sitting in' on your experimenting! Joan

Pauline said...


Margaret Applin said...

Ohhhhh the inspiration you are providing me with!!! Love your stencil and stamp!!!