Thursday, May 17, 2012

good news bad news, no cover up

I decided I was going to get that crease out of the interfacing in my castle piece, and so I wet it to give it a good press. Right away the plum hand dye started to run. I dried it quickly by ironing, hoping to stop the run but the purple dye shows now on the turquoise border. The good news is that I got the crease out! Always one to take advantage of a mistake, I pondered doing something as a cover up, but nothing I can think of fits the design.
Next week, I believe I will cut the border off and add new ones in the quilt as you go method. I will be much happier.
This morning started out damp and rainy looking but the skies cleared by noon time. I hung out a wash with some fabrics that were delivered to my door early this morning. I was still in bed when the doorbell rang! Besides some batiks that I ordered, there were also these threads which I hope to use for machine quilting. The red on the left is YLI which a friend picked up for me. The other 5 spools are Wonderfil which came in my fabric order from  Patsy Thompson Designs along with her book called Hyperquilting.
Also, today, I had  a new little friend visiting, the purple finch.
 I should probably have been doing some gardening, but I went for a walk and picked these forget me nots on the way home.

I had time only to add borders to this small runner. Perhaps I'm crazy to use it as a practice piece, but I want to try out some machine quilting designs with the new thread. I love the colors though, so if it's not good enough to sell, I might like it for my own table.
 Now I'm going to make some tea and read about machine quilting to see what I should dare to try out on my runner.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hey Holly....great fabric in your runner,,,I am sure you will do a wonderful job quilting it. Love the thread colours. And your little friend. My hummingbird was back this afternoon once the weather cleared up. Got my new FM foot after busting the other

elle said...

ooh, too bad about the run but glad you smoothed that wrinkle. I want to hear about your book and how the thread turns out.

Margaret Applin said...

Holly - I love the table runner you are making with your stenciled fabric!! I'm sure you will find a way to work with your castle art quilt!!! The purple finch is adorable!!!!