Sunday, May 6, 2012

some designs for stencils

We went for breakfast this morning and then out to golf at the 9 hole course where we joined. I am so sore!! I didn't feel like getting into sewing and I think a soak will be in order after supper. Luckily we have some leftovers to warm up too.
So I sat with paper and pencil and started some designs that I want to make into stencils to use on fabric. Here you can see how I started by folding the paper into quadrants onto which I drew a simple design inspired by my sketches from the last post.
  Then, I used the window, (I sure could use a light box!) to transfer the lines around to all 4 parts as I kept adding to it.
 I wanted one with a more circular design so I used a plate to trace a circle which I folded into sixths. I transferred each section again using the window.
 The next step will be to cut the stencils from the plastic project cover. I do have a stencil cutter which should help.
We have a crow who has decided to use our birdbath to dunk his bits of food. It seems they like it to be soft. I don't know their habits very well. It's not the first time we've seen this behavior; perhaps it's for the young ones. My daughter would have a fit as she hates any birds. I love to watch them.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Oh Holly these sketches are quite lovely...I can't draw a straight nice.

And your button works fine for me.

MarveLes Art Studios said...

Your sketches/stencils will be terrific! It's funny, I recently looked at the stencil burner at michaels, but decided against another 'crafty' purchase... and so I bought new stencils. Looking forward to seeing what you do!

Sweatygeneralist said...
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elle said...

Holly. You are sew clever. What a great idea!

imquilternity said...

Beautiful design!!