Friday, May 11, 2012

the best kind of music

Finally, it is warm enough to open the window in my studio and listen to the birdsong. Today, through my window, I have seen and heard chickadees, white crowned sparrows, song sparrows, 2 woodpeckers, many goldfinches and a dove. Can you guess then how I chose my blog name? I love to be outside but when I'm inside, I spend a lot of time looking out. I am happiest when I can be in the outdoors and blissful when I can listen to the music!
The gold finches are a plenty right now and love to visit the feeders. In winter they both have the same coloring,but in spring the male develops his wonderful color to attract a female.
The female:

I've been wishing to get back to some sewing, so I quickly did my errands and lunch with my friends. I even left the cafe first in anticipation. I have many pieces to choose from for stitching but decided this little one with the ca, and I like to take handwork with me. After I'm done the machine stitching, I will embellish this one with embroidery and beads.

For today I got it sandwiched and backed since I like to do thread painting on my pieces, I also line it with a pieced of stiff interfacing.
I'm looking forward to some sewing time this weekend. Have a good one! Happy Mother's Day!

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Happy Mothers Day to you Holly. I know how you got your blog I don't blame you a bit!! They sound wonderful, don't they. It has cleared up here today too; I managed to get the lawns mowed this afternoon. Going to pick fiddleheads one more time tonight; for this year.