Saturday, May 5, 2012

rainy day blog tinkering

I decided that I had to have a blog button (it could come in handy later) and today was a rainy day, and therefore the day to do it. I had my doubts, and it took me all afternoon, plus a headache but I did it! I followed a couple of tutorials. This turned out to be the best. After slaving all afternoon with another one,  I did this in about 10 minutes. Check out my button on the sidebar. I'm so proud!!
I was all excited yesterday when I picked out fabric for another gel print. It'll have to wait to get it started though, as we're supposed to golf tomorrow.

I did add some foils to my hummingbird which is all done except for hand stitching the facings down on the back side.

I really felt the sparkly foils added to the bird as he really does sparkle in the sunlight and while I had brush in hand with the foil glue, I couldn't help myself, and I added some to the flowers. My friend, Anne, says more bling is always better!
I also had hoped to do some drawing today, the best laid plans and all that! When I was out yesterday, I took my small sketchbook and did some small sketches that will serve as a basis for stencils as well as free motion quilting. I was reminded while reading my new book by Judy Woodworth (see the last post) that gravestones often have wonderful designs engraved on them. My kids used to have a fit that I would go there go to graveyards to paint. I did these quickly while standing which explains some of the 'wonkiness'. The one on the bottom right is a piece of tile-work from teh cafe where I have lunch.

on my way home I stopped and purchased a plastic project cover which I will use to cut a stencil once I draw the design based on my sketches. When I get to it, I'll take pictures of the process.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Great work Holly!!!Button and the foil....I really like the foil too...on both.

Gill said...

The addition of foil finishes your hummingbird off beautifully! I love it!

imquilternity said...

I grabbed your button and you're on my sidebar!