Friday, January 27, 2012

snowfall outside, sewing inside

I got my errands and my lunch with my Friday friends done and made it home before the snow started. We are expecting a hefty snowfall up here in northern New Brunswick to-night. I am snugly set up  in my studio watching the snow falling as I work on my cosmos piece. It is falling more thickly now than it was in this photo. That odd looking bag is a bird seed sock. I really enjoy it when the goldfinches decide to use it.

I've been working for the last hour and a half finishing up 3 purple flowers done with the bobbin thread and also the centers of the flowers. I discovered that if you wrap the bobbin thread and the top thread around your fingers when you begin stitching, that it helps to avoid that  little nest you get on the back when you start out. Of course with the bobbin work it would show on the front.

Here you can see the threads which I lateer diligently sewed through to the back.

I added a little pearlescent purple paint to the petals of the purole flowers.

I've had to take a break because I must decide which fabrics to use in the borders and in what order as it is my next step before I start quilting the piece. I'm thinking it might be good as either a wall  hanging or a table topper, so I have to keep that in mind. I was trying to decide between the purple or the pink as a narrow border but I think I may use both sort of log cabin like around teh center.

I thought you might like to see my finished scrappy socks. They don't match perfectly because one of the yarns was a hand dye, impossible to match.


deanna7trees said...

those scrappy socks are delightful...happy socks, i'd call them. and i like that they do not match.

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

the pearlescent paint really adds a lot of interest to the purple flowers. Are you using it full strength, or thinned down?

I love the scrappy socks!

elle said...

Everyone should have at least one pair of happy socks! I never thought of adding pint to a flower after stitching. Lovely idea. I'm inclined to like the subtler shading for this lovely piece, the purple and the brown fabrics. Great job!