Thursday, January 12, 2012

back to the birches

I went to meet friends for coffee this morning and then for groceries. After my lunch, I added some vegetables, barley and rice to a turkey soup that I started on Tuesday. I thought I'd be freezing most of the broth, but a death in the family of a friend prompted me to make it up along with some biscuits. Since it was sunny and warming up some, I put it in a cloth bag and headed out on foot to drop it off and get a little walk at the same time.

All that left me with an hour in my studio, fine with me though, as I spent lots of time here yesterday. I sandwiched and backed my chickadee for quilting; however, I had the urge to work on my birch tree again. For a while, I wasn't sure I liked or in what direction I would go with it. I've finished up the moss and cut some away from the netting; it's not stitched in place yet. I may yet do another one on the tulle to see if I like it better.

Then I started working on a leaf. I debated using the plain netting or a fabric background as I did here. There is still a little stitching left to do and maybe will look better once it's cut out.
We're expecting snow to-night and perhaps rain and freezing rain tomorrow. I sure hope it stays as snow; otherwise, it makes such a mess. Inevitably, it will freeze again too and then we get ice.

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Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hey Holly; that piece is looking great. we are getting the snow now...hoping it is rain by morning or done with everything. I have to go into Moncton early..hubby is home to drive though; so that helps. Enjoy working on that piece. Sorry about the friends hardship; never a nice thing go to through.