Saturday, January 21, 2012

guild UFO day

Today was the 2nd of 2 UFO days our guild holds in the senior room of our civic center each month. I always go if I can and take a lunch. It's an effort to get there sometimes, especially after an 18 cm snowfall like we had last night but it is always worth it. The room is always a-twitter with excited chatter and happy vibes. At lunch we gather tables and sit to eat. Then, it's back to the sewing but the chatting continues. I won't be showing what I'm working on, sorry, so here are some of the other lady's works in progress.
Leonie brought this lovely strip quilt to show.

My friend Elise was machine quilting a baby quilt.

And Debbie sat and hand quilted this striking quilt. There is always such a variety. Don't you love the colors?
Carmelle was making a project using the color wheels we made one year at guild. Mine is around here somewhere--haven't made mine into anything yet.
When I came home the female woodpecker was on the deck at the suet cake.
 She left and the male showed up. My they are polite.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...'s a female thing

Anonymous said...

That's such a nice photo of her. I think we all need more photos of us doing 'women's work' - sewing, feeding babies, playing with kids, cooking, cleaning, teaching...

: )