Monday, January 2, 2012

machine quilting my garden

This morning I did a little house cleaning and after lunch I pulled all my old bills out of my files for shredding. It has always been tradition for me to do that on New Year's Day but I forgot about it. I made a seafood chowder in the morning yesterday and we took it out to my in laws for dinner. Later I did manage to get in my bit of yoga for the day.
I've rearranged my free form pieces again, and I'm studying it. This is the "slow design" stage. I will need to piece some more parts before I'm done.
While it is percolating, I decided to do a bit more machine quilting on the little piece I call Fantasy Garden. I added some free motion spiky plants on the bottom right which I may add paint to (what do you think?), and I stitched 2 flowers in the right hand border. Those you can see as I added some Setacolor fabric paint to them. I still need to add stems and finish the rest of the border but right now I have to let the paint dry.


elle said...

I do like Fantasy Garden and the flowers leaning into that border are darling!

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

I love your work! So creative! ....I think you an have amazing style of your own!!

window machine said...

Thanks for this blog. Good job