Monday, January 30, 2012

clean house, clean clothes and a little play time

I didn't spend a minute in my studio yesterday and only a bit more than a minute today. When Gord is home and we can get out, that is usually my priority since he works all week.
Before we went for breakfast at our favorite restaurant, the Nectar, we took a little drive over to the mouth of the Nepisiquit River where there are some smelt fishing huts. I keep taking pictures in case I might want to draw them sometime. I have a long list.

Afterwards we went snowshoeing and then out to visit the in laws, so that was yesterday. I've wandered into the studio a couple of times to audition fabric for the borders on my cosmos piece. I've sewn 3 borders on and I've auditioned a couple of fabrics for the next one. The problem is I can't even decide on the orientation of the piece. That is, should it be a hanging or should I make it as a table topper? As a hanging I would make it longer and as a table topper, I would make it wider. Decisions, decisions. Now that I see it pictured here, I believe I'll go with choice # one. It helps to see it on the screen.

So I'm distracting myself with something else. Last year, I found a couple of websites showing how to cut snowflakes and I cut a few for my window. Here is one by Martha Stewart. Ever since I  did my piece with the snow dyeing, I've been thinking about how I could incorporate them into it. After I did my bit of Monday housework this morning, and hung out a load clothes (last year by this time the clothes were not able to clear the snow), I experimented with cutting a few snowflakes.

While trying to figure out how I could transfer the designs to the fabric, I remembered the discharge paste that I bought last year. I had cut the first one from copy paper when I thought of using freezer paper so I could iron it on. I simply sprayed the copy paper one with a bit of basting spray and applied them to the fabric. Then with a sponge brush, I dabbed on the discharge paste, to which I added a few drops of  Golden fluid acrylic, titanium white..

Here it is dried with the paper removed, not very bright.

This is after ironing, quite a difference!


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Love the snowflakes Holly....some folks are just too very nice

imquilternity said... had a lot of fun. I've never seen anyone hang their clothes out to dry in the snow. :)) I'm so envious - they must smell wonderful. Our air is not so clean! :)

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

on my laptop again; I don't have my mail set up here so; here I
I don't know what I'll so with this fabric, Holly. I have won quite a bit of fabric on blogs this any suggestions?