Wednesday, January 11, 2012

borders on the chickadee

I should have been at my weekly swim and sauna this morning, but my car wouldn't start even though it was plugged in. Since I've been off work, I've not been able to afford a new one and it is after all a 1998! I've been very lucky with it so far. My husband seems to think it may just be battery connections, so we will see. It is pretty darn cold and windy today. My bed sheets are actually out there hanging and blowing in the breeze. I don't think I want to brave a walk though. I may go to the pool after supper.
Anyway it meant that I got to spend a little time with my chickadees. Last night I was quite excited because I decided to try doing snowflakes using the bobbin method. I knew how to do it; I've just  never taken the time to try it. I even bought myself a second bobbin case sometime ago, so I was all set. Basically, it is still free motion work using a thicker thread that goes into the bobbin. You sew on the wrong side so that the fancier thread in the bobbin shows on the right side. I adjusted the tension in the bobbin case allowing the thicker thread to flow more easily. This is why it is good to have a 2nd bobbin case, so that one doesn't mess with the every day sewing one. It worked wonderfully and I love the effect. In the first picture I have over stitched with a turquoise Hollow Shimmer. You can see one with and on without in the next picture.
 I think a different color thread for the snowflake might have worked better,but I only have a white and a gold. The thread I used is called Pearl Crown Rayon and is heavier than regular thread. This was such fun, I can see an order in the future.

I finished up the rest of the thread painting details and added the border. I was tempted to add more details but I think I like the simplicity of it and so decided to stop.
The next step is to cut some batting and do the quilting.
In my down time I also like to knit and I thought you'd get a kick out of these socks. They are made from the ends left over from other pairs of socks. The trick is to take what is left from the skein and wind it into 2 balls. You have to estimate the amount so one will always be a little larger than the other. On the first sock you use all the smaller balls. This allows you to match the second one without running out. They are pretty wild so they will be for me. They're just as warm though! I have used 3 colors so far and as you can see, I'm about to run out of the third color.


Wendy said...

OH MY GOSH HOLLY!!! I absolutely love the chickadee framed in the black and white dot, and of course the addition of the snowflake is perfect! Funny you should be knitting socks like that, I just pulled out all my end of balls to do the same...

imquilternity said...

Love your Chickadee, but I also l-o-v-e those socks. Great idea to use up all the rest of your sock yarns. I've got lots and lots of those little balls! :)

Anonymous said...

Socks from leftover yarn are great. I remember when you took me up one my offer to "adopt" a pair that you made. They are still keeping my feet warm and you can be sure that there is not another pair like them. Your chickadee is great. I really like the border.
sue W.

Exuberant Color said...

I like your snowflakes. I have used that method but not for a long time.

elle said...

Like you, I learned bobbin work but haven't done much with it. Time to use the larege amount of very heavy thread. I've accumulated. I really like the dotted border.