Friday, October 7, 2011

the week flew by

It is such a trite statement, but so true! I have little idea of where the week went! I didn't do much that was creative since Tuesday until today. I had a doctor's appointment on Wednesday, and so, took advantage of being out to do a few errands. Yesterday, was my birthday and I actually went for groceries and then in the afternoon, for a walk with a friend.
Today was my usual lunch day, and I also did a few errands. I went to Frenchies and found two fabric belts that I can use in my yoga mat bags that I'm making as Christmas presents. In this picture you can see the muslin  prototype which I cut following the measurements of my mat. I added a couple of inches plus 1/4 inch seam allowances to the circumference and about three extra inches to the length. It has a silk screened pocket with the Om symbol added to the piece of muslin. I wonder if anyone can see the mistake I've made. You'll see at the end of the post.

Next, I folded the raw edges back wrong sides together 1/4 of an inch and zigzagged them. I don't want them to fray and I don't have  serger.
Here, you can see it pinned right sides together with the 2 belts showing. You can just barely see the folded and zigzagged edges. I cut the green belt near the buckle, leaving about 8 inches of strap and stitched it into the seam at the bottom.  The other piece I stitched into the top of the bag. I've also sewn a tube at the top to run a cord through.

In this picture it is mostly finished and I know what to do differently in the next one. It is a little long, although I do plan to insert a drawstring cord at the top. Also, not being a good planner, I can now see that the pocket should have been set to one side in the 1st step, instead of centered so that it would be centered on the front, dah! It's hard to put anything itno it. I will make the next bigger and perhaps add a pleat.
I'm expecting my son and his girlfriend to-night until Sunday. We hope to golf tomorrow and perhaps do  breakfast and a nature walk on Sunday.
Happy thanksgiving to all the Canadian readers!

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