Tuesday, October 25, 2011

seashell art quilt --hand embellishing; a magazine giveaway

As promised I've taken a picture of my seashell. Once I had a look at it, I decided that I'm not happy with the gold that is in between the seashells at the front and I want to change the placement of the tulle above the shells. You may be able to see it in the detail photo if you enlarge it.

I may get to it today or not. I'm coming down with a  bit of a cold. The cold itself does not seem too bad, but due to my adrenal issues, I'm very fatigued and achy. I've been sorting through some magazines this morning. This afternoon I may stretch out for a bit.
It occurred to me in the late summer that it was my 2 year blogging anniversary. It was shortly after that when I lost part of my blog and got wrapped up in fixing that. It has been on my mind to do something for a giveaway, but now Christmas is drawing near and I'm caught up in creative gift making.
This morning, as I went through my magazines I culled out a few as my collection is growing. These 2 are the Quilting Arts/Cloth Paper Scissors Christmas Gift Ideas from 2010. What  better time than now to offer them as a giveaway.

Leave me a comment before Sunday the 30th of October, 9pm EST. I will choose one and mail you the 2 magazines.
I also have some other Quilting Arts magazines from 2005 and I will offer some of those in the future if anyone is interested.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

Hi Holly...I'm thinking you mean the 30th not the 20th; so I am leaving a comment..would love to have those magazines....sorry you don't feel well; it seems to be that time of year,eh. I like your seashell; but you are the artist,and know what you are looking for. take care

Jackie said...

Oh, I would love to win one... I can't find them here anywhere. Thanks for the chance!

My Sweet Prairie said...

Ooh Your shell art is so soft and pretty. : ) I would love to be considered in the draw for sure! I don't have those issues - but am certainly a big fan.

: ) as for the 2005 issues - I have some holes to fill, so keep in touch? Thanks! : )
in Saskatoon

Dolores said...

Your little shell quilt is very nice. I can always use more Christmas ideas - thanks for the chance at your giveaway. Congratulations on your 2 year anniversary.

Linda H said...

Hi HOlly! Love your shell quilt! Please count me in for your Giveaway. Love both these magazines