Wednesday, October 19, 2011

quilter's retreat

I got back around 6:30 last night from our semi annual group of 12 retreat which is always graciously held at our friend Paula's camp. It is situated on a lake in the wilderness, about an an hour's drive from town. We drive up on an unpaved road, and thus far in about a dozen years, we have had only 2 flat tires. Oddly enough, it has happened both times to Wendy. It was discovered while loading the car to get ready to leave yesterday, and just like the first time, with some cooperation from the group, the girls got the tire changed.
This was the view out the front window right beside where I was set up.

We get set up by around 10AM the first day and some work until midnight (not me). I quit around 9PM and then pulled out some knitting. We end up bunking everywhere-- the beds, the floor on mattresses, the hide-a-bed, and a cot.

By the 2nd morning, we are starting to hang our finished things on the 'wall of fame'. You can see that I got my baby blocks together.

Wendy was working on a Dresden plate made from worn men's shirts. The colors were so soft and subtle.

It seems like such a lot of work while we're packing to get ready, and every year it seems to take more effort, but the chatter, the laughter, the food and the camaraderie between friends makes it all worthwhile. We are all of different ages and walks of life, but we have a wonderful bond because of our love of quilting.


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

my first time seeing your blog...I want to take more time and look around What I have seen is your heading very much....

elle said...

What a lovely setting for a retreat but so glad to see the projects advancing!