Saturday, October 1, 2011

sketching instead of sewing

Besides the trouble with my blog, my sewing machine is in for repair. I dropped it off in Fredericton when we went down to see off my daughter, which means it is 3 hours away. It is fixed and paid for and I'm hoping a friend may pick it up today. I do have a little Gem Gold I could get out, but for now I've been fixing the blog and doing some sketching.
Yesterday, when I came home after my Friday lunch with friends and errands, I took a break on my deck and did this quick little sketch of the scarlet runner beans. The beans look small because they were. I had picked all the sizable ones earlier in the day.

One post that I did not retrieve was my Thursday, Sept 29th one, so I'm going to add a bit of a summary here.
Tuesday was a most stressful day as we waited by the phone and the computer to hear from my daughter. She did not receive her passport and visa in the mail as was guaranteed, and finally after many phone calls, she got in her car at 3PM and drove the 4 hour return trip to the Canada Post warehouse to pick them up herself. They are sending her money back since she paid for next day delivery.
After seeing my daughter off on her 5:30 AM flight back to Korea on Wed, I was a little down on Thursday. I decided to pack a lunch and my art supplies and head to our local bird sanctuary, Daley Point. It was a beautiful, sunny, and warm day. Here is part iof the woodland trail:
I liked this view of the trees across the marsh:

I would have loved to sketch this scene but there was nowhere to sit. Next time I may carry a little camp stool and I asked at the interpretative center if they might move some of the benches.
I love the rose hips this time of year.

I ate my lunch at a covered bench and did this quick little sketch at the same time. Spending time in nature is akin to going to church for me, so I felt much at peace when I came home.
Please bear with me as I continue to fix up some of the older posts. They are there but all have spaces that I must go in and fix. I think I will take a break for today. I might even pull out my little sewing machine later. I've had enough computer time for now.

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