Saturday, October 8, 2011

Thanksgiving weekend so far

I picked up these leaves and the sprig of asters while out for our walk on the NB Trail last night. Gord always makes fun of me because I jsut can't come home without something in my hands or pockets.
Today is sunny and extraordinarily warm for October. Our outside thermometer read 26 C. Gord did 9 holes this morning with his dad and our youngest, Jeremy (we got 1 out of 3 home) --3 generations and grandpa usually wins! Then, I met Gord and Jeremy at 1:00 o'clock and went out with them for 9 holes. What a beautiful afternoon! I couldn't ask for anything more on Thanksgiving weekend than to golf with my family.  Since we were all out golfing we're ordering pizza for supper. I made a salad as a side, so it's partway healthy, right?

This morning I made these pumpkin cupcakes. I found the recipe here while browsing blogs the other day. The only thing I changed (I always have to do something different) was the topping; I used peanuts and coconut , just because it's what I had in the pantry. Also, I used Greek yogurt which I left to drain instead of cream cheese.

I got a few more blocks mostly sewn. I have the final strips cut except for one that I want to get form my mother-in-law tomorrow. I'm anxious to finish it now but I'll have to wait. Oh, I know the blues are all centered. I just randomly stuck them up as I went along. Once they're all done, I'll re-arrange.

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Serena said...

Your cupcakes look delicious...thanks for the recipe link.

Lovely sketches! I like to sketch too when I can manage getting over my fear of the blank page. lol