Tuesday, October 4, 2011

coneflower sketch

Since reading this post the other day on the blog Dion, Dior and More, I've wanted to try  her method of working on black gesso with Neocolor II crayons.Today,  I gave it a try with a quick sketch of my fading cone flowers. The only thing I had to change was the background. Having no black gesso, I used black acrylic paint. I suspect the gesso would have held the crayons better but mine seemed to work quite well. I did have to do several layers though. My lines are thick because I couldn't quickly find a brush that I wanted to put in the 'maskit', so I used the squeeze bottle nozzle and it came out in blotches.
Here is my first attempt. It would be worth it to get the right gesso.

1 comment:

Dion Dior said...

Holly, it's wonderful. I love the sweep and movement in the background and the acrylic looks like it brings out the color of the crayons really well. xx