Thursday, October 27, 2011

baby quilt border, some hand work, and the giveaway

Today was one of those relaxed and lovely days. It was sunny, windy, a little cool and perfect for hanging out clothes. I don't know why, but that is a job that I really enjoy, pinning up each piece just so to the clothes line. I used cloth diapers when my children were young when everyone else was using Pampers, and it was always so satisfying to see the line full of those white rectangles of flannel.
So, I got the clothes out, and then I made a mixed up a 12 grain bread and started baked beans. The bread turned out perfectly; it looks small because the pans were really a little too big for the size of each loaf.
 This afternoon, I put 3 inch borders on the baby quilt. I found a piece of fabric for the backing but I will have to pick up batting tomorrow. I plan to machine quilt it myself.
After that, I made myself a cup of tea with a side of fresh bread and molasses (this is why I can't make bread too often) and spent the rest of my time working on the embroidery and beading of this piece. I still have a little more to do but I am happier with it now.
I had a couple of comments yesterday about the machine quilting so I'm adding a close up of the outside border. It is a continuous shell design.
Finally, don't forget if you comment, I'll put your name in for the 2 magazines in this post. I'll make the draw on Sunday night.


Jackie said...

What a fantastic day! K, tell me, do you pour the molasses on the bread, dip it? I make homemade bread but have never heard of eating it with molasses.

Flo @ Butterfly Quilting said...

Thanks so much for the close up views of the quilting! I am busily studying everybody else.....and I think it is helping!!

Anonymous said...

I like the border on the baby quilt & the bubbles on your seashell piece. Thanks for the chance to win the magazines.
My favourite thing with fresh bread is just butter [spread, not dipped!]

Sue W.