Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pumpkin a la Alisa Burke

Last night, I retrieved my pumpkin from the front step and started drawing leaves on it, an inspiration that came from a tutorial by artist and blogger, Alisa Burke. She makes it look so easy. It's not that easy to draw free hand on a pumpkin and it took me about a half hour or so to paint the white. I didn't have white paint; I thought gesso might do. I'm not sure though if it is weather proof. We'll find out when it rains tomorrow.
The stacked wooden pumpkin in the background was birthday gift last weekend form my son's girlfriend. There is a light inside of it--very cool at night.
For those who may have followed me for a while, you will know that one can never predict what I will work on from one day to the next. There are many and various projects lying and hanging around my room. After getting all the pieces of the baby blocks mostly done yesterday, , I was free today to do something else today. The baby quilt blocks will be good to put together at my 2 day retreat next Monday and Tuesday.

This afternoon, I cut and sewed the curvy borders for this seashell piece which took me a good hour. I cut them with the rotary cutter, marked the matching edges, snipped the curves and pinned every 1/2 inch. Once done, I  quickly sewed on the outside green border. It is now ready for machine quilting. I may add some applique seaweed first though. There will be lots of embellishing added after it is quilted, some by machine, some by hand. It is a work in progress that I will come back and forth to as I work on other things.
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My Sweet Prairie said...

Oh the seashells are so pretty! Your art is all sooo pretty. Love it! : ) Thank you so much for sharing it at TN&TN.
Monika K.
sewing in Saskatoon

elle said...

oooh, you have a great start on the seashell piece. I luv the colours and the curvy edges. YUM
You'll have to let us know if the gesso is waterproof! Inquiring minds and all that...

M-R said...

Very cool seashell piece. I like the curvy border and the fabric. Let us know how the gesso holds up. Great pumpkin project!

Sheila said...

Love the seashell piece and the curvy border looks great .

Mary-Frances said...

Your trio of pumpkins looks wonderful - hope the gesso didn't wash off in the rain! ;-) Love your seashell piece too.