Wednesday, June 1, 2011

swimming day

Some of you might remember that Wednesday mornings I go to a nearby spa to swim in the salt water pool and do the sauna. I thought it was going to be sunny until this afternoon and would have been sorry to miss some gardening time but no, upon arising this morning, it is raining again. It's a good day then, for inside and some sewing. I've been invited for lunch and an afternoon of sewing at a  friend's house. I'm bringing my mystic woods wall hanging and hope to finish up all the machine quilting.
Yesterday was a lovely day. I spent some welcome time in my garden. Since I'm not working I'd like to put in more vegetables. I've been slowly enlarging my once flower garden spaces and taking out some of the flowers as there isn't a good spot in our small yard for an actual vegetable garden. In this space I have cone flowers in the middle in front of a clematis vine. Yesterday I added about 6 inches all the way around the space. On the left  spinach is growing. I have to keep it covered so the ground hogs won't eat it. I planted pole beans on the right side and plan to put beets or bush beans in front of them. You can jsut see the hint of a garden against the house. where the tulips are I plan to put the multi -colored Swiss chard as I find it is very pretty and worthy of a flower garden space.
This is the view from my swing where I spent a good part of the afternoon.

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