Friday, June 3, 2011


Friday, some of you may know is my errand and lunch with friends day, so I don't accomplish a whole lot. My priority right now is to get my gardens finished --the vegetable parts first and then the rest. This afternoon once my few groceries were put away, I went outside to do a little bit more gardening. It was quite cool and threatening rain, but it held off.

This garden up against the back of the house has always been a bit of a challenge. While it is facing south, there are also 2 vents from my downstairs laundry and bathroom which exhaust into the middle of it. I have 2 holly bushes which do well but a lot of flowers do not as they get fungus growth from the moist air I assume. I am able to get plants to grow near the front and away from the vents. Today, I dug up a lot of old tulips that needed dividing, and I have decided to try putting the rainbow colored Swiss chard in rather than flowers. There are a few perennials but that should add to the color. I added compost and it's ready for the seeds.

I planted some beet seedlings here in front of a trellis for pole beans and I'm using old parts from slider windows for a couple of nights until it warms up. (will it ever?)

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