Thursday, June 16, 2011

quilt retreat

Well, I followed a girlfriend's suggestion and I drove up early yesterday morning to my friend's camp where I joined them for the second day.  I did get lost as I feared but got there before 10 am at least. We read in the camp journal that we've been doing the retreats since 2005. As is always the case with a bunch of women with similar interests, the day was full of gab, good food, lots of sewing , knitting and laughter. Even 1 day was good for the soul.
This cute little hand embroidered item is actually a clothespin bag. Can you just imagine hanging your clothes out sporting it?

At noon the flies were not too bad; a few of us ventured outside to stretch the legs. I took pictures of these plants which I was told are pitcher plants. They are pretty unique. It looks like a little balloon inside the petals and the leaves are hollow (hence the name) and catch water and insects.

Today, I'm putting wash on the line and heading out for a couple of small errands and then a dental appointment for a cleaning. I'll be home after lunch and hope to still have a little sunshine to pass some time outside.

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Wendy said...

Putting wash on the line...then surely you have a clothespin apron too?? It was nice to see you yesterday.