Tuesday, June 7, 2011

satisfying tuesday

Contrary to the weather forecast, the sun came out this morning and stayed for the day. I dried a line of clothes. This morning, I cut up rhubarb for the freezer and for these muffins.

I so love it when things start to grow! I went outside before lunch and put in the last of my vegetable seeds in this once flower garden that wraps around my deck. You can't tell, but there are little beets under the glass. Behind the beets re pole beans. The only flowers left are the purple and white cone flowers in the middle.

Then, after lunch I had a few minutes so I started putting a small border on my mill piece. I had sewn it to the canvas that is behind it in  the picture, but I didn't like that it looked crooked because of how the raw edges stretched, so I took it off. I think it will be better with the dark grey binding. I'll hand stitch it back on the canvas.

To-night, I went to our end of the year guild supper. I don't have any pictures because I left before the show and tell. It was a nice dinner though; it's always fun to chat with everyone.

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