Saturday, June 25, 2011

not so bad for a rainy day

It was supposed to be a gray day with showers today and it was but there was more gray than showers. I planned for bad weather though, so last night ,I simmered a pot of turkey bones to make into soup today. My husband and I have been vegetarians since January, but I don't like to waste. I made it up along with a quick oatmeal cheese bread recipe, and took some to Gord's 95 year old aunt and to a friend who just underwent surgery. I'll take the last bottle to his parents tomorrow.

In the last couple of days I managed to get the narrow black borders cut and sewn on. I just cut one of the final borders and hung it to see what it would look like. It's pretty wild colors and patterns!

My friend the gold finch will not stop tapping at the window. It's the same one and there are many more out there that use the feeder but ignore the window.
 Today, Gord heard and then found a young chickadee that got into our shed. He left the door open all day,but it would only fly around above the rafters. I noticed it kept going toward the vent where it could see some light and some of the back yard trees. After I commented on that, Gord got the idea to get the ladder and remove the vent from the outside to make a hole. Finally with a little prodding, it flew straight out and home to Mama. We could hear the adults calling to it in the trees. I'm certain it was a chick that I saw amongst 3 others leaving a birdhouse at the back of our yard earlier this week. For years they wouldn't use it because a squirrel had gnawed at the hole and it was too big. Then last summer while on vacation I bought a metal ring that fit over the hole with the right size opening and this spring the birds moved in.

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