Saturday, June 18, 2011

cold and rainy

An otherwise damp, rainy day today was brightened first by a trip to the market where I purchased a bouquet of perennials and herbs  grown by a lady named Eleanor. The second bright spot in my day was to share tea and a muffin with my friend, Wendy. I made the trip to her house to pick up some fabric that I thought might work as a narrow border on my quilt. She had in her words "taken it out for a drive" yesterday on her trip to town when she forgot to drop it off here.
The bunch of flowers was so large that I had to divide it into two bouquets, so I gave one to Wendy. My intention is to use mine to do some watercolors but you know how that goes. It's Saturday night now and I only plan to take a bath and perhaps knit later. we've booked a tee off time for tomorrow although that may be cancelled if it's raining. We're going out for Father's Day breakfast at least.

Once I got home from Wendy's, I tried the fabrics and then decided that my fabric would do after all. (It was worth a visit though.) I cut and sewed on the first narrow border and have pinned up the final border in 2 different directions. I think I like the second one. I've managed to take the photo when it had not quite focused. My new camera takes a nice picture when I take it at the right time. I seem to have difficulty knowing exactly when it is in focus. I really need to read the booklet again but I don't have the patience for it.

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The flowers are nice and 2 for 1 bouquets too!

I like the second stripe photo.