Thursday, June 2, 2011

sewing day

As I wrote yesterday, I went to my friend Elise's for lunch and some sewing after our morning swim. It was thundering and lightening when we first got into the pool. It is indoors but still, there are  2 walls of windows. It did stop though, and by the time we got to Elise's the sun was coming out. Her sewing room has a lovely view of the back yard; it was very relaxing.We sewed there until nearly 4pm. Her husband even kindly left  out a snack for us to find when we went for tea upstairs.

This is a rag quilt that Elise just finished. They are so cozy. I particularly like the circle pattern.

And this is the quilt she was machine quilting. As you might notice , she is quilting it in 3 sections and joining it afterwards. I absolutely love the colors!

I am very happy that I finally finished all the machine quilting on my wall hanging so now I can put it in a basket and drag it around all summer with me to hand embellish.

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