Wednesday, June 22, 2011

swimming day a few minutes of stitching

Wednesday  is my swimming day and sometimes I'm not able to do much else but rest in the afternoon.. I was pretty tired but I had set up a little piece to be thread painted before I went out, so that after lunch I was able to sit right down at my machine and sew. The piece was originally mono printed on a gel mold with fabric paints.

It didn't take very long to do the pink flowers. The next step for me would be to embellish with a bit of embroidery, then sandwich and quilt it. I'm thinking that it will be another pillow, there's something bothering me about the tree though. It's the size of it I think. I'm considering taking it apart enough to cut it off or maybe taking out some stitches to shorten it--not sure. I do like the picture above with the tree cropped out, though perhaps it's too much trouble. Maybe I can live with it.

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