Tuesday, June 21, 2011

off to campbellton

  Since yesterday was my house cleaning day, I didn't do much else afterwards except some hand work. This is a glimpse of one section of my wall hanging. I am slowly picking my way around it with embroidery.
Also, I did get some new cards done.

This morning after I got up, I could hear this funny noise coming from my sewing room. I thought at first it was my computer, but discovered that it was a gold finch tapping away at the window. It is cloudy and gray this morning, and he must have been seeing his reflection in the glass.
Yesterday, I got a phone call for an appointment today with the endocrinologist in Campbellton which is about an hours drive from here. So, that's where I'm heading shortly.

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Wendy said...

It's quite possible the poor grosbeak wanted in out of the cold and rain...I would have! Your embroidery is lovely, really adds to the quilt. Enjoy the drive!