Wednesday, March 3, 2021

A new YouTube video

I only took videos of my progress on the moonlit birches today, sorry. There is a new vlog up over on YouTube where I show more free motion stitching on the moon rays and the background trees plus a little tip on how I cut fabric slivers for the small trees and branches.
You need only click the YouTube icon at the top right of this blog. Thanks!

My husband and I posed today using the timer on our camera (on a tripod). I ordered a 11 by 14” puzzle for my grandson.

The house shot below is almost visible behind the snow banks.

My daughter has been taking 4 yr old Ollie out walking and snow shoeing each of their 3 shut down days on PEI.

Schools were closed and he stayed home from daycare. I think the mom time was nice for him.

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