Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Reason for my fatigue

A couple of years ago i started another blog in hopes of chronicaling my journey in health.  I haven't written anything there for ages. Life is busy as a senior, especially one who pursues art, who tries to make exercise and diet a priority and one who has become a new grandparent! So little time. I've been reading a blog this morning written by a cancer fighter who just passed away--someone I knew in my youth and haven't seen other than in pictures thanks to facebook since then. It is funny, poignant and sad all at once. This and the flooding in Houston right now really make one think about how we spend our time. I had some semi important errands to do this morning, but thought about what i really wanted to do. It eill wait until tomorrow.  I felt like being domestic-- processing a few of my garden tomatoes for the freezer. Then, I simmered my bag of saved veggie ends from the freezer to make a broth which I used in a Thai carrot lentil soup that I've been craving.
I didn't even need supper for tonight as I'm going to an end of summer knitters group barbecue and corn boil.  My husband can have some and I'll get to it tomorrow. And, there'll be some for the freezer. Satisfying.
  The past weekend we made a quick trip to Moncton for the first car check up. My daughter surprised us by coming over from Charlottetown for the day. We were invited for an early barbecue supper at my brother in laws. Ollie is on the move now, crawling, and quickly.
  I've mentioned a bit lately about my dusatisfaction and restlessness in my art this summer. I feel the need for change; as a result I've been experimenting. My head is full of ideas but my body has been too fatigued to do what i want. Yesterday, i found out that my iron is very low again. Also, i have mild sleep apnea. We'll address the iron first and I'll try the C Pap machine for a month once my iron levels are up. I've been mulling over doing a fiber art piece depicting the waterfall where i swam this summer. Finally, yesterday, I got started.
I've got the pattern drawn and base fabric cut and think I know how I'll start. Some of the process will be similar to how I've done my birch forests and rocks, but I'm going to try out some new things here with the water.
Usually, i spend as much time thinking about how I'll do it as i spend in the actual process. I'm excited to finally get going. Still, I'll have to go with the flow and pace my progress for now. It is good just to be working and to experience that lost in time effect as I pick fabrics and cut the first pieces.


PaintedThread said...

Ugh. Fatigue. I understand the restlessness in your art, too. That's difficult when you want to make progress and do stuff! I hope you perk up soon.

Anonymous said...

I hope the iron helps. The soup looks great and Ollie is getting so big. Enjoy your time exploring new inspirations.

Mystic Quilter said...

Hope you begin to feel more energised when the supplement kicks in. So frustrating when you don't have the energy there, however it's good to see you have made a start on a new art piece. Little Ollie is growing quickly and now the fun begins doesn't when he's crawling around and into everything.