Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Idling away the day, sketching

I see my lifeline as a circle or spiral that is ever expanding and ever reshrinking. There are days and occasionally weeks when my energy seems to grow and times like now when i seem to be withering under a foggy fatigue--all things that happen when one is dealing with  a variety of autoimmune conditions its resulting effects.  Acceptance along with a bit of stubborness and fight are helpful. We have been so busy lately that finally this week, I decided a slow down was needed. I called in a cleaning lady yesterday, I'm fixing simple meals and leftovers and I'm keeping my days easy. After a small errand today (picking up perle cottons to match my latest fiber work), i lolled over lunch and afterwards tea. I ventured outside to water a few plants and clip a few spent flowers. I've noticed that I'm attracted to dried shriveled flowers and wildflowers as well as seed heads.  I took the tansy collected last  week and added some pearly everlasting.
The drying Queen Anne's lace I added to a jar containing poppy, columbine, and balloon flower seed heads. These are beautidful to me. Even though they signify  an impending end to summer they also give me a feeling of hope, thinking about the potential in all those tiny seeds contained within. It is funny that I'm out collecting these on one of our hottest days, but nature will be what it is. Preparation for the next life is underway.
I brought them inside and sat down to sketch a few. 
There wasn't time for sewing-- I'm going to throw a few veggies onto a pizza crust for supper--partway through my sketching I noticed an empty feeling and had to grab a snack to keep those sugars normal.
How is your summer going? Are you doing some things that feed your soul and aid your body?  


Pat .F in Winnipeg said...

Sometimes it's hard to recognize the need for some "down time". And to recognize that our body's needs change as we age. You're a wise woman.
Pat F in Winnipeg

Mystic Quilter said...

I have always loved dried poppy heads, the opium poppies which could be grown in gardens (but no longer apparently) had magnificent sized seed heads, I still have some from years ago. A good subject for sketching and I like what you're doing, lovely colours.
I think we could be twins at the the moment Holly given this post, I am feeling exactly the same!! Trying to do a little patchwork which is made very difficult because of tearing a nail on Monday, hanging by a thread one third down the nail bed!! Spinal Specialist on Monday, so we shall see what the outcome is from that.

Pam @ Quilting Fun said...

Love your sketches. The nights are getting colder, it is a sign.