Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Free motion stitching

We arrived home last night from a nice long weekend and a family gathering at the cottage on Prince Edward Island.
The old folks are a bit slow.
We hadn't thought it was going to be warm so although we had bathing suits on, Ollie didn't have his. It didn't seem to bother him.
 I had a clinic appointment this morning and then picked up a few groceries. I'm feeling pretty tired! After lunch, cup of tea in hand, I went into the studio to putter which often gets me going. Since black thread was still on my machine, i sat down to stitch a few sea shells onto deli paper.
These are meant to be added to my mixed media piece and painted and stitched over.
Before removing the black thread, I also finished stitching the left hand flower on this Gelli print that I started as a demo for my workshop.
I'm always thinking ahead; I knew there would be lots of Queen Anne's lace growing in the ditches by the cottage so I packed an old phone book. 
I like to press wildflowers late summer into fall for winter to be used in my printing sessions. Finally, I took off the black and threaded the machine with a variegated color that I picked up while away to match my collaged piece.  I had time to get started. This piece is made from various prints of wildflowers picked and pressed last year. I have phone books full.
I can't wait to finish so i can add some layers of hand work and other shear fabrics.


Dolores said...

I like your renditions of Queen Anne's Lace. Nice idea to press the flowers in old phone books. Unfortunately, we no longer have them. We used them to boost the little ones sitting at the kitchen table.

Janice Smith said...

I, too, like your idea of pressing flowers for future use in an old phone book. I have used these phone books as kneeling pads in the garden, but I will definitely save the next one left on my doorstep.

I also like th pi ces that you are working on. :-)

Anonymous said...

Looks like a lovely day on the beach. It's amazing what black thread can do to bring a piece to life.