Tuesday, June 16, 2015


A day with predicted showers turned out to be only a cloudy day. Late this afternoon, I headed out on the trail with my bike and picked a few wild flowers along the way. It is just starting to rain now.

I've found the two on the right-- the reddish one- Sheep Sorrel and the one below it- Bunchberry. I remember Sheep Sorrel from my wanderings  as a child.

I bet there'll be a reader out there who can identify the others. I heard from a reader on the one off by itself, top left. In my book it is called Bluebead Lily. I've already forgotten the proper Latin name.

I'm loving the acid free gel pen that I picked up while on an errand at Staples.pen. It is fine and very smooth. One can use it with a very light touch.

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