Sunday, June 7, 2015

Sunny Sunday

When you're by yourself for meals, do you eat well? I don't always enjoy the mundane--ness of everyday cooking, but I do like to cook healthy. Even though my husband is away, I arose this morning early due to the bright sunshine and felt like making eggs. They turned into a veggie omelet for one.

After breakfast, I took my tea and the crossword out to the deck  and then I did a bit of catch up stuff in my studio. One thing I really wanted to get done was to get my tulip piece up on the wall where I could eye it for a few days in order to make the final edits before oi head to the machine with it.
I love the Lite Steam a Seam 2 because once you peel the paper backing off it sticks but is moveable until it gets ironed into place.

After lunch, I did a quick errand and then went on to my in laws for a short visit, dropping off a couple of extra little tomato plants. I've been busy in the garden the last few days getting all my vegetables in.

That meant today I could get to the perennial beds top finish the weeding and mulching. I was weeding away on the right section of my bed at the back fence when I looked up and just happened to notice this face peering at me.

I saw one of the swallows on the power line this morning, but wasn't sure if they were using the house. They have been quieter. I guess that explains it!

I moved over to the other side of the yard and did some weeding and mulching there.

As I was walking away to put away the tools, I spied a quick movement. The gold finches are using the recycled glass bath that I made last year.

This one is special because I stuck a solar light in the milk glass bowl section and it glows at night.

My birdy friends are popping up all over. I was taking a picture of my windowsill with the colored bottles and the flower stems that I had just picked when the female hummingbird showed up at the window feeder.

This is proof that contrary to my husbands fears, I did not kill the old apple tree when I  lopped off all the top of it while on snowshoes this spring!

I've also been trying to get back into my habit from last summer of doing little sketches of the bits and pieces that I pick up along the trail, the beach, or from my yard. I did this one at lunch time.

I'm starting to droop and I can see why after everything I did today! It's time for me to call it a day. I'm going to soak and settle in to find something to watch while I knit.

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Eileen Gidman said...

I am interested in trying theat Steam a Seam 2. Thanks for mentioning it.