Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Stitching the tulips

Yesterday was a rainy day and today a grey day which I don't mind because I really wanted to get a sewing job done for my husband and get back to some fun stitching. I've also gotten some much needed housework done. I vacuumed downstairs a bit this morning in the cold room and the central room. I did one load of wash and mopped one floor.

Then, I felt free to come into the sewing room this afternoon.

I've finally got my tulip piece all ironed and under the needle for some thread painting. I used a bit of medium and a lighter orange so far.

I really like this stage when the images start to come alive.

Typically, I do some thread painting and then I back the piece with batting and do some final quilting.


Linda H said...

Looking good! The thread painting gives it such dimension.

Eileen Gidman said...

Thanks for talking about doing some thread painting before sewing to the batting and backing.