Sunday, February 2, 2014

Fresh snow and some sewing

We woke up to about 6 inches of a light powdery snow this morning, totally a surprise as we hadn't watched or heard the weather yesterday. It was so mild and beautiful around lunch time when we went for a snowshoe. To date, it has been so cold when we went that I didn't bother with the camera so I took it along today.
This is a trail we have walked many times. I always look for the different little things that catch my eye.
I couldn't resist one trail shot; we were the first over this part of the trail.
I dubbed these leaves the 'hangers on'. The color against the grey and white is pretty.
This stump with the snow capped fungi was interesting.

 After a hot chocolate and a snack, I went into my sewing studio to organize some things for my retreat coming up this week and to do a bit of sewing. I thought I'd show the finished pouch that I made.
Do you often make silly little mistakes? I thought it might be easier to make the facings stay flat if I carefully ran the iron along the edge. It did but I slipped and hit the vinyl which made a little melted spot. I decided to treat it as a happy accident, zigzagging a bit of ribbon trim along the edge. Perfect.
It makes the pouch a little smaller but still easily fits a rotary cutter
I'm looking forward to Downton Abbey to-night!.


MarveLes Art Studios said...

indeed, a happy accident, and... it makes a wonderful bit of color, and adds just that right bit of somethin' somethin' extra!

Eileen said...

Very clever fix. Be thankful you are creative enough to think of it.