Sunday, February 16, 2014

Stitching shanties

Here in Northern New Brunswick it's been another stay at home day while the wind and snow blew and swirled about outside. I haven't checked the weather stats for total snowfall yet, but it's the second 'doozie' of a storm in 3 days. Our deck drift is huge, the back door was drifted in and the car was nearly covered.
The deck through the kitchen window.

I went out and got my exercise by clearing off our front walk which cannot be reached with the snow blower. At least it was a bit more powdery today and I was able to push a lot of it into the driveway where my husband could blow it. The banks are getting pretty high--too high to blow the snow atop it in some places. Ah well, it won't be long and it'll be melting, won't it?
Earlier today, I used the Sochi App for my I Pad and watched the figure skating (dance short program) while I did a bit of stitching on the Shanties 2. I will show you my progress as I go along and you will see how I build up the layers here and there.
I'm starting to build up the colors on the shanties. I am planning to go back into the window areas with some painted shading as well.
I will do most of the stitching on the shanties, the ice and sky before I add borders and a batting. When I add the batting, I will stitch a few lines only here and there.
I always resize my photos to make them easier to load but I think you'll still be able to see the areas that are stitched so far.
Well, I'm pretty well beat now, so I'm taking my tea out to my big comfy chair for a short rest before dinner.


Kitchener Quilter said...

Love your shanty works. Very nice. And all that snow, wow!

MarveLes Art Studios said...

wowzers on the drifts, holly... pretty impressive. your shanties are coming along very nicely, too!

Vicki W said...

I love this piece that you are doing. I've never seen ice shanties in person but I'm completely fascinated by them.