Thursday, February 13, 2014

Fish Shanties #2

When I did a show and tell of my first fish shacks piece at the retreat last weekend someone said, "Oh, the shanties". I had forgotten about that name and I like it much better than shacks. It sounds cozier and cuter somehow.
Today, before and after lunch, I started laying in some preliminary stitching on Fish Shanties 2. I was getting into it but I had to stop to get out for my walk. You will, as usual, be seeing some of my process pictures as I add a little here and there daily.
I'm just getting started. I did add a second layer of the heavy interfacing this time and it is much smoother. When I get the shanties mostly stitched, i will then add borders and batting of some sort and finish up more of the stitching.
I also couldn't resist taking more photos of my backyard birds. I took a bunch of the goldfinches in the branches of my apple tree for future reference. There just aren't enough hours to do all the pieces I'd like to do!
This one of the finch on the feeder came out with nice detail. I like it's slightly coy demeanor.

It's looking like we're going to get a rather serious nor'easter tomorrow. Some things have been already cancelled including a Valentine luncheon rescheduled for Saturday. It looks like instead of having an errand day, I'll be home doing some more stitching.


Sue W. said...

Like the shanties....looking forward to a snow long as we don't lose power. I have plans to do some quilting. See you on Sat at UFO day

Eileen said...

I already like the smoother look to the stitching on the ice. Yes, shanties is a great description.