Monday, February 24, 2014

a sketch and a pair of shams

If you know me, you know that I like to get my housework done on Mondays so I can then forget about it for the week. As usual, this morning, I got did some wash, and then vacuumed and damp mopped a hardwood floor. I've got a quilting friend coming tomorrow for a bit of fabric printing fun and, really, my place needed some serious cleaning!
This afternoon, I finished up sewing the 2 pillow shams for my sister in law. I rather like the randomness of the piecing that I did using the scraps from her quilt.
I did this sketch of the dried leaf that I pictured yesterday, taken while snow shoeing. I like it's texture and color and the way it stood out against the softly colored background. I'm wondering if I could translate that onto fabric. I'm thinking about it.
I've got a bit left to do on my 2nd fish shanty piece, and at the same time thinking about how i might approach the leaf. One thing I'm considering is using one of my shibori painted pieces from my Quilting Arts article last year as a background for a foreground tree with the leaf. I would raw edge applique the tree and the leaf.

As an alternative, I would paint a background as a base for the thread painting as i did in my fish shanty pieces. Hmmm....


Exuberant Color said...

So many ideas....
I love the random scraps in the pillow covers too. said...

Wow - that last photo is fabric??