Monday, October 28, 2013

Recipe for happiness

Having spent the last few months doing more traveling than Ive done in the last several years, I really feel the need for a breather. Add to that the fact that my interests are varied and range from traditional quilting to fiber art, knitting and cooking, Ive been feeling a wee bit scattered lately. Often too, I feel low upon waking in the morning due to low cortisol levels which are related to my Addison's disease. So this morning after chatting with my daughter via Skype about her marathon weekend, I got my housework done and headed out the door with walking poles and camera in hand.
For an interesting and touching read about her first ever full marathon go tho her blog, Adventures In Korea. I'm so proud of her! She has overcome many adversities in her young life.
Though the air was a bit nippy with a strong breeze, once walking on the trail it was comfortable. I concentrated on observing my surroundings while breathing deeply. While there are a few tenacious brightly colored leaves clinging to the branches here and there,

for the most part the brilliant hues have faded to more muted golds, greens, silvers, greys and beiges. Quite lovely in their own quiet way.
The odd tamarack punctuates the muted landscape with gold.
As always, there are several dried weeds and wildflowers that catch my eye, especially this spirally shaped one that I notice every year. It ay be Fireweed, not sure.
And this fluffy Pearly Everlasting that is going to seed.

With a vastly refreshed body and mind, I quietly ate my lunch and then chopped leeks for a cream of broccoli soup.
I added garlic, organic veggie broth, broccoli and some wild rice and brought it to a simmer.
It is now turned off awaiting blending with a bit of milk, perhaps some grated cheddar cheese, to be served with organic 12 grain toast for supper. Definitely comfort food.
And I'm definitely feeling calmer and happier.


Juanita said...

Reading your post helped me to relax in the middle of a busy day! I took time out to read your daughter's blog. How moving! You must be very proud of her.

Mary said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing the pictures.