Thursday, October 3, 2013

A new machine

Yesterday, I picked up my new sewing machine. It's a Pfaff Expression 150 and it's kind of a birthday present since my birthday is on Sunday. This is not normally what I would spend on a birthday gift, but I've been waiting for some time for a new machine. The timing and the price just happened to be right. I took this picture after dark last night. I can't get a better one today as the sun is streaming in through the shears on the window.

That's my old machine in behind just as a comparison of size. It almost takes up the whole opening where the insert fit for the other machine. The new one has lots more stitches and has a 10 inch bed.
I figured out how to wind the bobbin, thread it and set it up for free motion quilting. Wow, it sews like a dream. Very smooth! I'm feeling very lucky and happy right now.

I free motioned on a small section of the Fantasy Garden and added some Shiva Painstick.

Now, I'm adding a bit of hand stitching with a metallic thread.

I also soaked another white long sleeved tee in my leftover natural dye yesterday. The color is derived from a natural bark from the Logwood tree which I only learned about after I had ordered it. Apparently, it grows in rainforest areas and is being over logged due to its popularity. So, I shall only use what I have.
This is the front. A few leaves have imprinted nicely.

This is a section of the back. Makes putting on pyjamas fun!

Now, I must go get ready to get outside and enjoy some of this lovely weather.


Kitchener Quilter said...

I love that you've gotten a machine for your birthday! What a treat. I'm sure you'll spend many happy hours together. And we share the same birthday. How about that?

Verna G said...

i hope some day to try doing some dying from natural sources. Have you tried using avocado shells. I have a real collection of them but have yet to give it a try.

elle said...

Happy birthday. 10 inches is a happy space!

Leslie McNeil said...

happy birthday, and congrats! it's a wonderful gift {any day of the year?!!!} lol

Ellen Williams said...

Happy BDay and I have a Pfaff Expressions too only mine is a Quilt Expressions 4.0 What threads do you use for FMQ'ing in the top and bobbin? I am new to FMQ and looking for advice :-)