Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Finished top

I was out today for a doctor's appointment and then coffee, so I didn't spend my usual time in my studio. However, I had just enough time to get the last border on the postage stamp. The top is officially finished! I've measured it and will fold it up and leave it until the machine quilters are less busy after Christmas.
I took a side view to show that the borders on the sides are wider than at the top and bottom which I did to make it the size that suited me.
I'm so happy it's done. I will only start another quilt after Christmas to be taken to my guild UFO days .
I'm connecting to the Needle and Thread Network.


Kate said...

Holly, your quilt is beautiful! I admire your patience with all those wee pieces.

elle said...

a great finish, Holly

Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

It is gorgeous Holly!! Can't wait to see it quilted now.

Dolores said...

Had to smile with the borders being different. Usually, it's the other way around - making the quilt longer than wider.
It will be very pretty once it's quilted.

imquilternity said...

It's a real beauty! Aren't you glad it's done? :) I'm anxious to see it quilted... it's gonna look great!