Monday, October 7, 2013

Quiet time

I've just made bran, raisin, walnut muffins and done a bit of house work. My head is filled with things and I thought I'd sit and write for a bit before lunch.
I've been feeling a bit off kilter lately, a little anxious at times. Even though I'm usually home 3 days a week, I've still seemed to have a lot going on and that's part of it. I've been missing out on some quiet, contemplative time. I came home early on Saturday so I could take my camera out for a stroll and when I got there it wouldn't work. Of course I solved the problem after I got home. It was a wonderful sunny day and I missed some lovely pictures, but I tried absorb the fresh air anyway.
My birthday yesterday was great- breakfast made by hubby, the Run for the Cure(thanks to those who pledged, I made over $400!) in the afternoon, visiting the in laws, and dinner out.
Perhaps, it's partly my birthday that has me thinking about my life and where it's at right now. It has been a busy fall though. I have missed a few of the trail walks that I love this time of year and nature is always a balm to my soul.
Nature is really soothing to my spirit and I haven't had enough of it.
Part of my anxiety is due to busyness and part to the usual ebb and flow of family issues involving work and school. These things I shall have to bide my time with knowing that they will work out somehow whether I worry or not.

Rather than go to my sewing machine after lunch as I usually do, I've spent some quiet time hand stitching while a squash roasts in the oven.

I'm almost done the little flowers. I promise to take better pictures with my good camera when I'm all done. Using the I Pad is so much easier to post isn't it. I get lazy about uploading photos from my camera!

I'm going to do a bit more and then relax with this new book that I just received.

I shall be going to a friends 2 day retreat tomorrow at her cottage. I have decided, however, not to stay over night as I just started tutoring a new student last week and don't feel right cancelling a session already.
So, I should be back here on Thursday.


imquilternity said...

Have fun at your retreat! I understand your feelings totally. Nature is soothing to our souls and it's nice to be able to take advantage of it. Your life sounds wonderful and having said that, I know that you have your ups and downs too, just like the rest of us. Enjoy the rest of your day!

Unknown said...

love the little flowers! : ) oh so pretty. ps. happy thanksgiving to you